Monday, January 7, 2013

Life from here.

I have joined in with Pam from Blood Signs....  for a link up of photos showing a little of life from here. She is a beautiful, thoughtful, clever writer. I adore reading her words. Her world is a contrast to mine, as in... she's deep in snow at this moment, whilst we swelter it out here. The world is just plain weird sometimes.

Our home view.

All photos are taken in the last month. All at our home or close to
our home.

Pizza making herbs all picked from the garden. The smell was divine
Boysenberry and eggs to make

Jonah's sparkly brown trout he caught from a local lake.

Wayne relaxing and drumming to his own beat.

Where we spent a lovely New years eve. With friends and their beautiful
new land.

Today Wayne went back to work and that really sucked. But these holidays were filled with magic
and wonder. Just so beautiful.

It's also monday music here at a sculptured life..... so heres a little something....


  1. Wonderful images of your summer land, it looks peaceful, relaxing - carefree summer. New year wishes - many adventures and creative playfulness.

  2. Thankyou Clare and so good to see you back blogging! The holidays were wonderful!

  3. Here from Pam's blog hop: wow! I love your photos and am envious of your fresh veggies and trout :)

  4. Oh thanks for visiting! If only we could live off them All the time! (few and far between sometimes).