Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The white Christmas tree and me.

I should be baking. What all good mothers do.

Maybe Im just not that good. My plans today are to make truffles, bake a Frittata, take the kids for a short bike ride, take my mother for a very overdue coffee, wrap presents, pack, water, clean, wash, sweep, pack more, direct and breathe. And while my wheezing chest continues and my hacking cough vibrates off the side of the mountain....... ok so thats a slight exaggeration but bothering all the same, I desperately TRY and keep my cool with the kids at their constant tussles. But after all that, I am left feeling belittled by society. It's a shit of a thing.

I realise to moan about such trivial things as being a mother and the trials of, is such a boring topic, and so ungrateful, and way too typical, and well you know it's all the mummy bloggers reaping in the cash, selling their children's souls on the internet crap as well. Such a disgrace and all.

I think what pisses me is the tone, when the term mummy bloggers is referred to. Just that condescending moment from a newsreaders introduction in that slightly belittling way, of here we go the mummies are having their say, lets humour them. It is complete disrespect.

(Well hello, this was meant to be a lovely little post on making a xmas tree.)

So this experience bellow is maybe what set me off.

The other night I encountered a situation where I was at a small country Xmas cricket break up. I was standing with a few friends having a chat. One of the husbands of the women in the group came up and started to comment that this was just like a little mothers group… Then a moment later he announced he’d had enough mothers group talk in a joking way, and headed off, we kinda laughed but I was pissed off. He walked over to a group of men and I knew he was going to refer to the mothers group joke again, and sure enough a few of the men laughed and turned in our direction, so I stuck my finger up at them in a gesture to say fuck you, a bit of shock on some of their faces, a few gave a nod of good on ya… that don’t buy into that shit. But again it was the belittling of women’s conversations to mens. Because men's talk apparently is so much more important. 

And just because my relevance and priority is my children and family, and I am not talking fucking sport, money or politics on here, it does not mean that I am a second rate citizen and that the worth of my words, thought and expression is either.

And to top it all off I have a recorder blaring in my ear that my 6 year old was given as a gift today. Do you even know how that combusts inside my head. Now here is the bloody xmas tree and have a merry goddamn xmas. xx

Okay so this is not this xmas tree. But it could of been. Isn't it wonderful.
Wayne made it for me, it sits so I can see it from the studio. Thanks honey.

Not a xmas tree, but cool though.

Here we go, apricot branch sprayed painted white.

...and a beautiful red gum base made by wayne.


Recently heard these guys. Feel the music and breathe.


  1. I hope your Christmas was beautiful.

    Yes, that stuff can be so hard to deal with. I'm working on feeling quite deliberately and consciously good about what I'm doing, so that I can give slightly less of a fuck. I figure that's about all I can do.

    Your Christmas tree is lovely and I love Wayne's sculpture.

  2. Hey, so nice to hear from you again. Thank you for the lovely comment. I'v missed you around this big old internet world.....