Monday, October 6, 2014

Shit it's october!

I had plans to post more in september. But that came and went and now it is October!

Anyway, we keep finding bird nests around the place. They present themselves to me one way or another. So I don't know if the universe is telling me something.. a sign maybe. Or, we are just finding bird nests around the place. Who knows. But they are very pretty and amazing little art pieces.


This one is a swallows nest under the shed roof. And when I hopped up on chair and stuck my phone over it to take a snap to see in, I was delighted to see these speckled little eggs.

The one is made from Emu feathers, wool, horse poo, wattle twigs and blossoms. It blew down from one of the faraway trees intact and unused. But so spectacular!

So even though I missed september I found bird nests. 
Thats gotta count for something.


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  1. Love the resourcefulness of finding and using those Emu feathers, I wouldn't want to be the plucker! I'm trying to work out what the top feathers are? All I can think of is some sort of raptor? Maybe all these nests are telling you that its about time you got to update your own nest, or maybe it's just Spring :) Either way, thanks for sharing!