Monday, January 12, 2015

If earth walked into a shop.

How you going Earth? Are you all good?

You ok?

Do you need some help? Just sing out if I can help you with anything?

Oh you just looking….  No worries.

Nice bit of rain we just had. Need some more though. Really need that moisture to soak in. Do you think you could help us out with that? Because the weather seems a bit all over the place dude. I know your busy just trying to keep the air clean so us humans can at least breathe. And I know… we just keep on fucking it up and polluting the shit out of everything. Sucking our resources dry. We're really very stupid and don't seem to understand that we are annihilating ourselves.

Do you think we could stop turning on each other one day? Do you believe in that? Is that even possible?

I'm just not sure anymore. Once I did believe in us.

But, now everything seems a bit out of control. Like we are really losing the plot. I mean, literally losing our place. Destroying our own habitat. And completely crushing humanity.

Makes me really sad. It's hard to find the sense somedays.

Oh, ok, no worries, just browsing, sorry didn't mean to get all sentimental and deep… yep you too, have a nice day, thanks.  

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