Friday, October 12, 2018


I Just have to say that women speaking out about past sexual abuse from their childhood/youth/womanhood is excruciatingly painful and traumatic. The only reason one would chose to expose the truth after some time is that you have come to the point where you can’t keep it to your self anymore, and you need that overdue fucking accountability.

Personally, I have been sexually harassed in my primary school years, and my secondary school years, physically and verbally. The amount of times I have been groped, leered at, whistled at, inappropriately spoken at is incomprehensible.. and my voice in speaking up, was drowned in the confusion and shame that you are made to feel. But, I tell you what, I don’t have any shame now. I’m just fucking mad.

I’m angry at every asshole that treated me and my body as a thing to sum up, to pick at or judge me on. I’m angry at the sexual harassment I endured in my young high school years, in the hallways between classes, where I was targeted and made to feel so ashamed, as if walking alone was my fault. Fuck you all.

So, If lm making people squirm, too fucking bad, you stole so much from me. And you new it was wrong, you were self entitled shits intimidating your way through life, and the world as far as I see it, just allows it. When it really really matters, these self indulgent pussy grabbers become presidents. What a fuck up.

So, for anyone trying to belittle women in coming forward in speaking out against an injustice that has touched her body, at anytime throughout her life, I say fuck you. #fuckyou #metoo

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