Monday, November 11, 2019


Failure. Distinguishing what’s holding us back from what we want, and trying to  find the source of our problems are things I just can’t seem to grasp. Everything just seems too big and complicated and too much work and time to fathom on where to start.

I tell myself.
Be grateful, be mindful, be nice, be polite, be thankful, work it out, do the right thing. Make good choices, don’t upset anyone, be understanding, stand up for yourself, know yourself, know others.

I tell myself to be these things.
Be organised, but be messy. listen up, but speak up. Be strong, but be vulnerable, Allow sadness, but be happy. Be perfect, but be different. Solve it, but let it go. Move on, but hold on. Pay attention, but be flexible. Concentrate, but be imaginative.

Talk bullshit, be authentic.
Find yourself, reinvent yourself.
Be selfless, love yourself.
Do anything, do nothing.
Take time, keep busy.
Plan ahead, be spontaneous.
Prepare yourself, go with the flow.


Accept the impossibility to be everything and be all that you are.

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