Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Totem poles

This is one of the totem poles for our sons school. Each child designed and painted a part of the pole with their chosen animal and colors. A friend and I worked with the kids over four months to complete them. The wood was chosen from local land and was already well dried. I absolutely love the effect they have created  for the front of the school. They add vibrant color and simple uniqueness.

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  1. Hello Wayne, I love your totem sculptures! I came across them because I am planning on doing something similar with a group of children and older people. I am an Artist based in Adelaide Australia. I want to ask how you secured the totems into the ground. the ones I will be working on will be part of a community garden and school grounds. As well as paint I also want to mosaic on parts of them but keep being warned off that the wood will expand and contract too much. Would love to hear from you What do you think?