Saturday, March 26, 2011

small paths to self sufficiency ( turn your heads our vegan friends...)

Dinner tonight is homegrown lamb pre- paired by
wayne, basted in rosemary, spicy egyptian
dukka from mount zero olives and pink lake natural salt.

Freshly caught yabbies, handpicked( literally) by wayne. These became a staple
 diet a few weeks back and from a secret source.

A freshly made fritatta that I made last week with most
ingredients  homegrown. leeks, tomatoes, eggs, zucchini,
silver-beet, shallots, thyme, chives and rosemary.


  1. Hi Rex,
    Thank you for popping by and joining me.... your homegrown dinner looks fantastic... I've been thinking about growing my own Sunday roasts...

  2. Ohhh have to find out about this secret yabbie source. Now they'd go well on pizza with some feta and spinach, but then again they probably wouldn't make it onto the pizza...

  3. catherine your art is fantastic.

    Kylie your promise to help make us a pizza oven will never be forgotten and wayne wanted to get you guys up here immediately to start, so maybe buckets of yabbies might do it....