Tuesday, May 24, 2011

being side tracked...

So discovering my creative side again has been brilliant but has side tracked me from posting about other things like this...

The Kids favorite thing to do every couple of days is to
pull the carrots out for dinner, although Mana usually eats hers fresh with
it washed but the leaves still attached... (bugs bunny inspired!)

Pumpkins scattered all through the garden ready for storage for lots of
winter soup.

Decided on a cushion for the couch with our tulip material...and so
took it up to Mums to sew, and because I am not partial to sewing,
she had it done in 15 mins...hehe  thanks Mum

silver-beet still growing wonderfully(frost tolerant-!!), and we had lovely capsicums,
zucchinis and cherry tomatoes up until a week ago
when Jack frost came to visit...!

Took this on my mobile phone last week and it
captured it perfectly..but maybe the last on my
mobile as this is what I got for my birthday...YAY


And I just love this Klee pic.... Having floated down the Nile many
moons ago when I was a teenager I can still remember the intricate
symbols and the life on the river.....



  1. Hi Rex - I'm so glad that you found my blog 'cos now i have found you. your writing is beautiful, filled with soft images of better living, gentle words to encourage a slower more mindful life - pleased to meet you

  2. Ooh errr, love the camera! And the sunset pic. One day I'll be able to look out my front door onto mountains like those (when are we house swapping again?!). Oh and if you want to swap qld blues for your butternuts, we have a shed full!

  3. Thanks Clare I was really loving your art work then I noticed you were from south Africa and we Just spent last xmas in stellenbosch with my husbands Family who live there. He is a zimbo who misses africa sooooo much.... anyway love to see african art and am interested by peoples surrounds when being creative and your is very special!

    Hey Kylie we can swap houses and pumpkins at the same time.... or when you want to sell up everything and move to the mountains just let us know as there is some nice property around here......