Sunday, May 22, 2011

blowin in the wind...

Thats me.......

We lived for 13 years by the cold southern ocean in southwest victoria and for 90 percent of every year that wind blew.

How we cursed that wind, yelled at that wind, fought with that wind and blamed that wind! (for just about every single thing).

Because you see that wind gets ingrained in you, it rolls through your head, it chills you, it whips you and sandblasts you...We were so happy to move from there 3 years ago and escape that wind, the wind that tore apart your soul and sanity.

So now we have still day after still day and occasionally a breeze that sweeps the tops of the trees or blows gently across the open paddocks. And very very occasionally a few times a year we get gales that stomp through here with a forced frenzy of reluctance, seeking and searching for the ocean to take it adrift and snapping trees in its passage to join with its greater powers.

I love the still days, I love we have hardly any wind, I really really do.......

But god dam it! I miss that stupid wind, can't explain night I long for that wind....... to help me sleep and make me cosy. To blast the air and the sides of the make me feel lucky we have a roof over our head, to wrap me up with is swaddling twirls and listen to the sound of it howling through the dark night air...

It so still here at night, so steady, so silent......

sometimes something so annoying and seemingly aggravating can have its part in the world , we just don't realize it until its absent...

 so... I am sorry to the wind for taking out everything on you..for being so prejudice of your faults...and not realizing the faults is what makes you special......

Funny thing once, we were talking to a family member that lives in anglesea and she was saying how they love it there, its perfect and the best.... and I said hows the wind there and she said "Oh,... on the windy days we turn on it".....I said "turn on what?" she said "we turn on anglesea" ( I thought that was the funniest thing ever..)


  1. Maybe we should do a house swap occasionally?!

  2. ha ha ha, yeah I know....I forget to easily!

  3. Next time I want to curse the wind, I know I'll stop and smile - thanks for that!
    P.S I LOVED your last post on the school sports carnival, especially about the marching music, my kids don't have the marching, it made me a touch sad - funny because I always hated it! It's a bit like the wind.

  4. Hi Naomi, your place in Tassie looks lovely and your art is fantastic. I just love its diversity.

  5. I love this post. my favourite so far! apart from the tulips one of course!!