Tuesday, August 9, 2011

slow slow slow.....

Jonah's woven fence in veggie garden sandpit.
Using Mulberry and grape vine pruned left overs.

Lettuce self seeding after summer.
These carrots fell in love and intwined together they
consummated their commitment to each other.

Cabbages survived the caterpillars nibbles.

At the moment we are waiting, and waiting, and waiting to gather our information from the water authority to re-submit our planning permit for our house so we can start building one day soon.....

In the meantime I am pleased to say that after two years waiting, the local catchment authority have finally carried out our internal fencing grant for planting out wetlands and waterway areas on our property! So at least we can start planting this winter and protecting these special and delicate landscapes.


  1. Congratulations Rex that is exciting news. Hope the approval for you home gets through soon too!!!!! Can't wait to see and read about all of your exciting plans coming to life!

  2. is that the new camera? great carrot and lettuce photos.The woven fence has great aesthetics. Keep at itttttttt!!!! val

  3. Wonderful!
    Nothing like home grown vegies!

    My blog connection was being tempremental week, so I could't comment on your last post - You words, the lyrics and the music was very powerful.

  4. Love the pictures; so gorgeous and organic, they feel good.
    I have particularly loved reading your profile, very soulful.
    good luck with the building... x sandra

  5. So lovely to see and read your beautiful blog! Thank you so much for sharing your beauty!

  6. No, not the new camera mum, just the Nokia. Cant seem to get my photos from my new camera to computer...!

    Thanks Naomi, I tend to get lost in my own thought patterns at times, and wonder if i am making sense.

    Sandra your artwork is wonderful and magical.

    Julia-anne your blog challenges the mind to think deeper and journey to past-times. I love it.