Friday, October 28, 2011


I feel like I have buckled under pressure.

I have joined instagram.....

I was not going to, but some little clever fairy put it on my ipod. I could not resist. I will call her the pop top fairy. I like my photos to be clear and crisp, but the filters you can use on instagram are amazing. Too good and easy.

Here is a few magical pics, that have had the wand of instagram waved over it. Thankyou lovely pop top fairy. 

A little simple dress mum and I made for Mana. (No pink)

Our beautiful verandah, sun streaming through.

Our Thryptomene flower seller.

Where the bees and the birds like to hang out.

Finally two new baby editions to our  farm. These kids are making friends
with our kids.

Tell me what you think on instagram.


  1. Yay! Love you pics and that gorgeous dress. What's your instagram handle duuuuude?
    Mine is jinnk : )
    x JL

  2. What's happened to the drawing? Like your pics though.

  3. they are great! how awesome is the app! mine is ldizzle16 add me xx

  4. rexbunjil is me name, I have already put in a request for your handle man......! can't wait to see you at xmas.

    My drawings have gone Awholaaaaaaaaaa! mumma!

    Hey you little pop top fairy, I have already added you and even liked one of your cupcake pics!!! I am waiting for you to add meeeeeeeeeee....! xxxooo

  5. I have not idea what instagram is so I will have to go check it out...

  6. To be honest, I really think I need an Iphone now that I've seen your pictures. They are great! I want that toohoohoo! ;-)