Friday, November 4, 2011

Everybody, love's a clearing sale.


I love a clearing sale.
My Dad used to drag me to clearing sales all over.

Today was spent at a nearby clearing sale.
The colors, the smell, the dust, the heat, the rust, the treasure.
They have shaped part of me somehow. In someway.

I am sure of it.

But....Today Wayne came home with this..

Our new.....old.........TOY.

And this is what my Father took home to my Mother.

Everyone's gotta have a Tractor........



  1. Hi there - I remember as a child going to auction sales with my mom, then later on I married a man that loves auction sales. I love the tractors - there is definitively something about tractors!

  2. I was readingthis thinking... 'what did dad bring home?' I knew he would have bought somethung, though I'm surprised its not those buckets full of scrap metal! Jonah looks like a proper little farmer on the tactor - I love it! xxx

  3. What fun! Such great memories and photos!