Monday, November 7, 2011

Earth clouds.

Have you laid back in the grass and watched the clouds lately?

It's the same as when you were a child, it has not changed.

Floating, merging, shape shifting clouds. simple. magical. Real.

I love it when things don't change, this world is moving so fast, in directions I cannot even comprehend.

 I could not even pretend to keep up and neither could the clouds. When you lay back and watch those big majestic floating wisps of heat, moisture an ice crystals, just know that when they accumulate and crash together they grow large enough to start falling to earth as rain or snow.

Everyday, almost everyone is obsessed with the weather, whats it going to be today? hope the weather is nice on the weekend....... So basically those clouds determine  alot in our life, Rain. sunshine. what we wear. what we can or can't do. ALOT. Those beautiful ever-changing clouds, but at the same time unchanging, are just responding to what the earth throws up at them.. I hope we are careful about what we pass up on to them, because everything relies on them.

This little section of grass is where I lay down and watched the clouds yesterday.

It also happens to be the exact spot where we plan to build our eco, straw-bale house.
Because, our planning permit is FINALLY being processed. So, the pace of some things
have not changed, or maybe, they have become even slower than 30 years ago, ha. yep
beaurocracy is time consuming, and no computers, ipads, iphones, etc...are going to speed it up. 

So when building our house we will be careful what we use and make, cause all
of what we do is reflected in the clouds.


  1. What an insightful post - There is something special, meditative about looking up into the vastness of the sky and looking at the clouds. I love that they slowly shift and change, you have to be prepared to look for awhile to see the subtle changes. I'm so interested in your eco-house. My husband and I are also thinking about buying a bit of land and building a more self sustaining house, and living a more self sufficient life. I would love to hear more about what you are planning to do. The more I read and see, the more I think it's the only way to go. It's exciting but a little challenging at the same time - so it would be really good to share information.

  2. That's a powerful way to look at things and beautifully expressed.