Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sign entrance.

Along the sandy bush track.

View on arrival.

Warmth and the smell of beautiful indian incense, so relaxing and still.

Ahhhhhhhhh, finally.  relaxation. Peace. centered.

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Bush walking with Great Auntie.


  1. oh it has been such a long time... i am so, so, so glad you dropped by because a while ago i had troubles with my blog account and somehow i lost my blog list... i have slowly tried to rebuild it, and today i get to add your blog back on it! wonderful!

    now ... it seems like i have missed quite a lot over here :)
    hope life a beautiful on your side of the world
    x sandra

  2. So good to see your new artwork Sandra. beautiful. Glad to re-connect. So many wonderful blogs out there and so hard to keep track of them all. x