Saturday, March 17, 2012

I kinda hate Instagram.

But...I am still addicted.

Picture this. linking with Edenland fresh horses.....again.

Adorable older sister comes to visit.

What I do now Mana has settled into kinder, take stupid photos of myself even more.
Naked lunch influence here.

Beautiful mud girl. 

Mr Ram has a nice set of new earings.

Nearly had a mini stroke walking up to my old stomping ground.

Visiting my brothers house, mr smarty pants architect lives just down the road.

YES, I know yet another photo of our pizza oven, I even annoy myself.

Jonah with new baby cousin Felix.

Honey coloured sunset, it so annoys me that the correct way to spell colour always comes up with an ugly red dotted line under it......AMERICA!

Other adorable big sister who is busy blazing europe at this time. So I stole this from her blog.


  1. Mud children. I have one too. They are awesome.

  2. You have a pizza oven, love it!! snap with the colour spelling thing. lovely shots

  3. What a lovely part of the country you live in. I adore photos of children in mud!... (and paint or any mess come to think of it!).

  4. What awesome photos!! I love the mud one as well!!

  5. Oh I miss my beautiful family! Love these photos rex, especially the ones of mana and jonah, beautifully captured xx

  6. lovely... so jealous that you have a pizza oven. I've bought books on how to make them but gave them as presents. Not before I read them.

  7. COngrats on the arrival of another bub in the family. Bet Jonah will be great with some nieces and nephews too :)

  8. The dotted line under colour does my head in too.

    Love your shots.

  9. WOW.

    Rexie, you take the best photos. There's magic in them.

    Now how the hell can I buy a ram skull off you? Do you accept PayPal?


    1. Wayne said no pay pal mate, but swing by some time and we will see what we can rustle up. Or.... I am sure you can find a sheep farmer near by to you, that you could sweet talk into giving you one......


  10. Love the honey coloured sunset. And the Ram, I think that Ram would look rather nice on my wall here in Qatar.

  11. Beautiful people and places. Once again you have captured so much!