Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's so still.

You can hear every single car passing by.

We have gone to the channel of water that backs on to our property. Wayne and Mana have paddled off in the canoe around the bend, taking their swishing sounds with them. I am studying the reflections in the water. Mesmerizing.

I can hear Jonah banging metal poles in the bank behind me, the echo is bouncing around. Twang twang.......... The kookaburras start up, and seem to be laughing their merry little heads off. A frog croaks in the wet ground amongst the rushes in the paddock, right near the blackberry bush. A few white Corellas gently call as they pass over, giving a forlorn sound as if searching for the rest of their mob. A flock of ducks come flying towards us, but then dive away to the left when they see Jonah's movement. We are in their landing spot. I can tell by the duck poo...I sat in.

The wrens are hoping madly around the trees near the fence, making little twittering sounds. Everything seems to be taking its turn to call out. The sounds are like lullabies to drift off to comes a motorbike,.....they are the loudest! They love to open up on the full km stretch of tar road that runs along our boarder. Soon its gone, and the sleepy peace is restored.

I see an Emu stalking in the paddock over the channel, its legs delicately tip toeing in the grass. It's all so relaxing, like a style of meditation......... There is not a breath of wind.

It's getting late..... and it's overcast, a chill is starting to seep into the air. I start to wonder where Wayne an Mana are.... it's been a while. Maybe they are stuck, my heart does a little skip as I call to Jonah that I am going to walk around the bend further, to see where they are.

I soon here a little whistling sound and wonder what it is, my pace quickens just a fraction, then.... 

Ahhhh... here they come. Drifting down the channel, smoothly, she's blowing her little whistle attached to her life vest.

She calls out when she sees me.... "mummmmmmyyyy....... we got STUCK"!

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