Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All the memories.

So this is for Wayne, It's one of his faves.

His bro is not so well at the moment. He's in a Joburg hospital.
Exhausted, mentally, physically, and feeling very alone.
He's been caught in an awful web for a very long time and he doesn't seem to hear his brothers call out to him...... 

They just want him safe. Not to judge him. 
They just want him well.
Want him to feel real love.

If you have a spare 10 mins, this is stunning. Its gets awesome at the end.
To me its about memories, connections, love, and your spirit.

For three sons. Brothers for ever. 

Be safe Darren.
We are all here....

And... then this, if you have time. Its worth it.

Our hrearts ache for you Darry.


  1. My hope is that Darren can find himself and renew. My thoughts are with you all. Xx

    1. Renewing would be good, a big break away might enable that. The man can not go on in this way. I wish that he's eyes would re-open and see whats real.

  2. Sending all our love to all of you.xxx

    1. Thanks Jen, This means a lot, I can't say how horrible this has turned, but a fish farm in thailand would be a wondrous thing to visit for this man, who adores fishing.