Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Expose yourself, so you can be heard.

My artwork, a friends eyes, blown up to massive proportions, then projected on to a canvas.
3m x 2m. Outlined and then hand painted by me. Back in the day, before digital.
It used to hang in the stairwell of the senior campus in high school.

Beautiful eye Ms Kongsai.

I was listening to triple J radio station the other day, and they had Billy Corgan on, from the smashing pumpkins. It was so insightful. He chose five songs, and in-between each one he talked intimately about music and.... stuff. Wow, the words he used. You can tell when someone is continually expanding there mind and inspiring them self to explore and challenge themselves.

He talked about Lou Reed and Neil Young, Wayne's favorites. He talked about the way the art of music has changed, but in the end, if the core, or common ground is music, then there is many possibilities for the future of authentic music. Which I like.

Authentic. Such a lovely word.

So as I was driving a sentence jumped out at me..... he said "expose yourself so you can be heard".

I love that. Cause.... basically we all want to be heard.

Music lifts and pulls out, and strengthens our inner creative soul, its instinctual and primal. When you allow it too, and open your heart to it.

It's an art.

Then, I read this blog post today from this awesome woman. same same. Hit me in the heart. The universe tells you things, when you listen.

Sometimes I have moments of being animated and clear and vibrant, where Wayne looks at me like... Oh.. there you are. Other times I am lost. Lugging around a heavy head. I am not sure why I am the way I am. I remember my creative side growing up and it was strong, fearless and inspiring, to me. The other parts of me, not so much. Yes, primary school was plagued by things no children should experience or know........and then, I hit high school thinking I had escaped all that. But sadly, no. It pursued me and tattered away my self confidence. My growing self. So I kind of shut up a bit of me. Let it get lost. I showed only one side. I felt not worthy. I know, horrible.

I don't feel like this any more, but a part of me is still lost. And I want that part back.

I am getting close to something here that I don't really want to share.. But. Rolling around in my head is this "expose yourself so you can be heard".

Art is movement, sounds, images, music and creations. Art is everywhere, its when our daughter lines the tupperware in patterns all over the floor or draws lines in the sand. Its when our son hangs wire from a tree that suspends and old fan cage that holds his tools. Its all through Wayne's shed and all contained in my head. It can be written on a wall, and be crass, or colorful.
Art is expression and it could never be contained within a frame...its ugly and its beautiful, its what goes on inside our head then gets spat out when we have had enough. It can be written, it can be danced, it can be said and sometimes painted. Its all over, and when we open our eyes and our hearts its all we will ever see.


  1. finding oneself back is the best happily ever after moment...

    1. Yes, I can feel that. It's a little bitter sweet, but at the end so worth it.

  2. Reclamation and regeneration keep the internal light brightening and emerging. Going to one of the oldest arenas in the worl to hear the human voice express every emotion without technical amplification. Very excited. It is outdoors under the stars

  3. Sounds lovely Mum, what an expierence. Enjoy. x

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  5. Love hearing your thoughts and insights, Rex. When there is a part of me that is lost, I will go to the ends of the earth to find it. I do understand. And from reading your next two post after this (because I am doing this backwards!) I can see that you are on your way.

    PS How cool is Justine Musk?! x