Friday, August 3, 2012

Open space.

I like gardens. A lot.

I love the bush. More.

But, in a way gardens and open spaces are of greater significance. To me they are the soul of a city and the essence of the country. The air they create is vital for us. They clear the head and make your mind crispy and whimsy at the same time.

To me, they are almost everything. When I was confined for 3 weeks with the TB, my isolated visits to any outdoor open space were my healing balm. Whether it was sitting on the grass under a tree, or in any of the tacky, scrappy, gardens surrounding the hospital.

Being confined inside, made me feel....... beyond lost.

Open space filled with soil and plants of any kind or of any color, are as important as having a roof over our heads. They repair, vitalize and centre an ancient part of the human body, mind and soul.

They rehabilitate, they invigorate, and when working in them they tone the body and the brain.

We have Botanical gardens in our local town. Volunteers, grants and donations keep this place alive. It's a beautiful place. Its full of indigenous plants to this region. It showcases the beautiful magnitude of flora we have in these mountains.

There is some community sculpture too......... Wayne designed and made the gates a few years ago for the main entrance. And recently he made a metal band sculpture for local stones to be placed in. There are some weaving projects that have been created too, with some help from a local artist, Barb Venn.

We need to keep the balance. 
After all
with out the trees, 
we would no longer breathe.


  1. I'm so with you on this Rex. When I was travelling by myself and things seemed a bit out of kilter I'd find myself an open space to sit, collect my thoughts and recharge. And when I come home to find some big horrible bit of machinery has knocked down a tree/shrub/bush because 'it was easier to do xyz when it's not there' it makes me very grumpy! Time for a visit up to the hills methinks...

  2. Oh dear Kylie... Whats happened? Is this on the new place? You should come up here for a visit, the waterfalls are beautiful at the moment. Would be a good easy bushwalk for the kids too. Let us know.. Caravans always here!