Friday, September 21, 2012


Basically I am hating everything I write right now. So here's a photo. I am hoping... this will pass shortly. 

She was standing there looking down towards the ground. I said "look up," as in at me.  As she looked straight up she said,  "oh mummy look at our blossoms... they're beautiful!"

"So are you.... baby" I said.

you are beautiful baby, I whispered. beautiful and perfect


  1. Such a gorgeous, spontaneous photo and moment. Looking forward to catching up and experiencing similar at the beach next week.

    1. Thankyou Kylie. Look forward to catching up too! will give you guys a call!

  2. A very uplifting image. Joyous and aweinspiring

  3. A very uplifting image. Joyous and awe inspiring

  4. It's like hump day. Except it's like 'blog boulder' that's my analogy for blog block. Compressg the written stuff yiu've done under the boulder. And planting a new plant beside it to grow little leaves of lovely words. Bit of rejuvenation is all that's needed. You've got a way with words Rex. And alot of good to share. I hope your blog boulder flattens the hump and gets you going again soon.

  5. I love this Tania! It's beautifully awesome! It's one of the best comments and thoughts I have received EVER! you are lovely. Xxxxxxoooo