Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Tom Waits Rooster.

I was reading something the other day and these words stood out, did a little dance, skipped around a bit, then left. Leaving behind a lovely thought with-in my head.

"When you are out in the world as your authentic self, you allow others to connect with the truth of who you are instead of the mask of who you think you should be. Something amazing happens when you get open to the world, and allow yourself to be vulnerable: you give others permission to do and be the same (and inspire them through your example). We all hunger for authenticity and connection, we seek out the people who are ‘real’ – and I’m not talking about the so-called ‘real’ of reality TV (which panders to this hunger without ever satisfying it).
When you know who you are, you also know where you want to go. When you know where you’re going, you can see who else is going in the same direction; you can recognize whom to take with you."
Justine Musk - 8 compelling reasons to turn down the ego and turn up the soul.

So.....back to me.

I have been feeling very vulnerable in the world of late, its a complex feeling. Exposing your self in someways is the biggest journey of your life. But I believe that it's the honest way to be. Being real and sharing beliefs. I have felt hurt and let down by people. Maybe just confused, to what you think is there, but is not. I have never had much of an ego, really. I have always wanted to get to the soul of a person. Small talk is just not in the equation. I remember having conversations with my parents friends growing up and I would always head to the big questions, the deep conversation, gathering, gaining, listening. As a smaller child I remember noticing and seeing the things that others did not. Wanting the connection and play without all the bitchy shit. Like.... ' I don't care who wants to be fucking queen of the playground, can we just get on and play the game. Get to the good bits of playing rather than all this, she said... they said, I want to be top dog crap'. 

It's just something I am never going to understand.
So to be honest this is all I can muster for today. But I woke up and thought.... get on with it Rebekah, you only got one life, get out there and express all of it! 
It's just not in me anymore to be concerned with what people think of me. If I have offended people...., well I really think they should be looking with-in rather than out. My opinions are real and my thoughts are from the core of my soul. 
I am going to write it, read it, draw it, paint it, say it, build it and live the hell of it.  
Oh and this also from Justine Musk- Fascinates me!
"The collective unconscious. This is the deep primal strata of myth and archetype, “the software of the mind”. This is a Jungian thing that I won’t go into here, but the basic idea is that we’re all encoded with the same ancient memories, which is why different versions of the same stories show up in cultures throughout the world.
Your conscious mind considers itself an isolated entity.
Your unconscious mind knows better.
Neuroscience is beginning to show us how deeply we wire into each other through empathy, “mirror neurons”, and networks of influence. Even when we don’t think we’re connected, we’re connected: you are currently being influenced by someone you’ve never even met, but has influenced someone who is influencing you in ways you don’t even realize."
Hope your day is enriched with soul. Seeya Rex.......
Also, my adorable husband made me laugh this morning... I was complaining about our gravelly sounding rooster crowing this morning... like a smokers cough, kind of crowing sound... And Wayne says.... "it's a Tom Waits rooster"... and that simple little line has made my day. I mean, we have a Tom Waits sounding rooster, how awesome is that!


  1. Love this post. So much resonates with me. Jung totally expands the mind and experience . . . Justine Musk is very insightful and articulate. I want to read more of what she has to say.

    . . . and, you lucky lady having a Tom Waits rooster--that is so cool :)

    1. Thanks Kae, its so nice to see you are posting again! When I re-read my post I wasn't sure how people would take it. I hoped no-one personalized it. I am so very glad you related to it. That I was understood, I guess.

      I also think we are lucky to have a Tom Waits rooster....(most mornings), because even though the sound can grate through to my sleep, he has his voice, he has his meaning. And if I keep thinking of him as Tom waits of the's all good.

  2. Oops, pushed the publish by accident. Yes, it's good to be back here reading blogs like yours. I like what you have to share of your life experiences and insights, and it's so helpful to learn about other people who I might like to read (like Justine Musk) through the blogs that I already follow. I hope you are well.
    Cheers :)