Thursday, December 6, 2012

Metal xmas tree.

Drum roll.........  

Just kidding...

Here is our christmas tree for 2012. I really
wanted to get this post up as quick as possible because we have so many hits here of 'how to make a metal xmas tree' its not funny! Actually, it is funny..... because I seem to remember that deep down in the darkest little crevices of my brain that this blog was supposed to be about metal sculpture.
Before it mutated into the deep dark secrets of........ What? my pea brain... 

So anyways... You get a big slab of rusted flat metal... ah um.. lets say 3-mm, ok so Wayne's going to come to me later and say 'don't be daft 3-mm it's 500-mm' or something like that! So say..... around about one of those above. okay, So I drew it, and added that little star in there for artistic license, nice hey?

So then Wayne got out his super duper plasma cutter....(the other love of his life). He then made sparks fly and worked his magic and a xmas tree was born!


So click here to see last years tree too

Also here is our wreath for this year. I found the wire tube that I used last year, at the base of the chimney and under a bush. 
So that was handy!

And you can click here to see how I made it!


Today we have been married for 15 years! Wow!

 Still looking as hot as ever Wayne...

Love you.

Life is hard, somedays.

But, having you here, makes everything right.

Even after all the storms we have endured.

We stand tall.


  1. Dang! Beautiful post in so many ways...the creativity...the acceptance...the love...Congrats to you all! xo

  2. Happy anniversary you lovely people.
    I'm very jealous of your christmas tree though I'm glad my girls were happy with the 50cm Wollami Pine that I brought inside. We've decorated it with felt african angels so it's definitely unique around these parts :) Time to go find the wire tube from last year too, where did you say it might be?!

    1. Hahahaha.. Kylie, I expect it will be in a similar spot to ours! Your tree sounds special and where did you get the felt decos from?

    2. From our lovely friends when they were still in Zim. They still send the girls the coolest stuff from SA but I can't find anything to compete from over here, so photos of the girls it is, and the promise that we'll see them again one day hopefully soon.

  3. Love the tree, it's beautiful as ever. And happy anniversary! I always forget it's just four days after ours ... how can I forget that? So good to speak today. xxx

  4. P.S. I should have said "four days after ours ... but nine years before"!!

    1. Thanks, It was good to chat! I was at the HG pool on saturday and I swear I saw about six girls doing backflips off the end, all in sequence! But when I looked properly it was empty. I am sure that was just yesterday! Not 25 stupid years ago! x

  5. WOW!

    What an awesome, customized, and completely original Christmas Tree!

    And Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your hubby too. That's what real love is about, weathering the storm...together.


    I hope to have that for myself one day too.