Monday, November 12, 2012

Still your life.

Right this second the cicadas are deafening. In some kind of collaboration with the afternoon heat they have reached a high pitched crescendo. 

When we were school kids growing up in the valley of these ranges we used their shells as broaches. Collecting as many as possible and attaching them to our t-shirts. 

It was a sign. The warmer days were coming. 

And if you lay down in the shade of the drying summers grass and close your eyes, and listen to the cicadas, it will still your life.

It will also send you to sleep. When you awake sometime later you will need a watering hole to cool your warmed and rested heart.

Then the day will be done. 

But that day will stay in your heart. It will be your still life.

Can you feel it?

The stillness.


  1. yes the quietening within and without. A lovely piece of writing. Could I use this in a therapy group I am running. VAl Mum