Thursday, November 1, 2012

Game On.

The 3rd edition for BIG KIDS MAGAZINE is out.

I don't think I could express how deeply this wonderful magazine is. How the combined creative imagination, work and talent has produced such an inspiring art magazine. Where children get to write and draw with in the pages. Where their artwork is treasured and brought alive in the exact way they created it. It says, what's in your head is perfect when you draw it or write it on the outside. That the world values your inner creation, and values you for your individual beauty.

Too many times I have seen parents and teachers try to adapt and change what a child has created. That they forget that the single line or squiggle and half drawn on piece of paper is exactly the way it is ment to be. And when they finish their drawing it is because they chose to, that it is completed in their head. Because it is their pathway for self satisfaction. Not ours.

This magazine is such an ode to this self worth and creative outlet for big and small kids. Well done guys. This is Jonah's 3rd edition of being a junior editor. He has created beautiful artwork for this and has loved it. His artwork has never been altered, manipulated and has been straight from his own creative self. I love that.

The theme is GAME ON for this edition and we can't wait to see it!

Thankyou so much Jo and Lilly and to all the other wonderful contributors.

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