Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A woman with no class.

I have never been classy. I have never aspired to be classy.
I have never admired anyone who is classy.

So why, would I assume I would need to breast-feed a baby in a way that's classy?

There is no classy way to breast-feed your baby.

There is no inappropriate place to breast-feed your baby.

I have breast-fed in malaysia, all over Africa......
On trains, on buses, on airplanes, in taxis, at beaches, at pools, at restaurants,
on streets, and in schools.

I have never had anyone tell me that I need to go somewhere else, or that I need to do it with a bit of class.

Are we clear?



  1. You go girl - I used to pull out the boob and do it anywhere - luckily I do live in Africa and it is perfectly accepted by most of my fellow countrymen.