Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not my problem.

Again I have a draft packed folder going on here, everything is just too this or that or whatever.

I think the over riding issue here is I want to be more creative, but I just can't find or make that space, that I need to right now. I am caught in a limbo land thats making me feel like a floating cloud that's gradually separating and evaporating into nothing but thin air. That the things that are full up in my head can't literally get out. The millions of ideas, the thoughts, the motives are all stuck, Locked up and pushing and straining to come out. On the outside my stoic self sits quietly, ignoring the bubbling and juicy creativity with in me. It is brimming, but I use that separated part of me to keep it at bay.

I tell my self just DO IT. Just start. But where.....

I need to get a good grip. Even now I read this all back and I think it's daft. But I will force myself to post it. Because I don't want it to be just another internal thought locked up.

I look for my space, sometimes literally, sometimes mentally. I know, I have to make it, myself.

I am different. I am me.

I saw this quote written on the side of the car the other day.

"It's not really my problem, if they think I'm weird" Sid Vicious

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  1. Rex!

    Oh, I know what this is like. Having ideas brimming inside you just waiting to be born but the everyday, outside world prevents that from happening.

    Sometimes simply talking about the ideas to someone helps get you started.

    Out of all the images/creations floating around in your head, what are the top three that really stand out and why?

    Focus on just one or two of them and it might not seem so overwhelming then.

    Now. Go. Create!