Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rain in my heart.

Often it feels, there is rain in my heart.

Drips and drops. 

 Sometimes just drizzle. Other times, stormy downpours.

Lately it's been dry in there though. Cracked and hard. Dusty and tired. 
Bone dry.

Just like the landscape around me. Reflecting off each other.

Heart - Landscape.

Then it rained.

Hard and heavy. literally. Filled our empty dam to over half full.

Such a respite. All the bush just sighed in relief. But it was short lived. It brought thunderstorms with it. Was quite a spectacular display of lightening bolts and thunder claps that shook the earth.

It ignited the bush with it's fire. So ever since there has been planes and helicopters passing over head. It's got bigger now. It's in the ranges, past the valley. Hard to get at it. It's dry in there. 

So dry. 

But, it rained in my heart.

Softened it, quenched it.

Now tiny green shoots are appearing across the ground.

But as the smoke pummels across the mountains, and the wind swings this way and that way pushing the fire over and across the rocky dry ridges, I am just wishing for some more rain.

To ease us all. 


  1. You write so beautifully, Rex.

    I hope you get more rain, and soon.

  2. Thanks Cat, we are still waiting, but the fire has slowed down a lot. It's still hot here though, so us victorians are hanging out for some cool and soon.

  3. Rex, We have about 4 feet of snow now. I am hoping it helps with the upcoming fire season. SO wish I could send some your way.
    Stay safe, I will pray for rain. Nell